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Welcome to Cognitro Analytics

We are a team of innovative AI researchers, well-seasoned data scientists and experienced business analysts with a track record of solving complex business problems across industries both at the public and the private level.

Text, Image & Video Analytics

Scalable solutions for big and small data from digital, text, image, video and social media data.

Cognitive Framework

Our trademarked Six E’s framework for Cognitive Organizations have been driving analytics maturity

Autonomous Geo-spatial AI

We are building the next generation of autonomous self-managed AI systems that can detect failure, predict ...

About Our Company

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We are always looking for new ways to push the analytics rigor of industries and organizations

We aim to democratize AI, open data science and bring advanced analytics to transform business and industries. We have built an enviable reputation in the AI space, solving complex problems across healthcare, insurance, finance, security, telecom, retail and transportation sectors. Our team consists of world-class data scientists and well-seasoned business consultants are able to unlock mysteries and insights from corporate and open data.

Smart Business, Smart Industries and Smart Cities

Our fingerprints are all over !!! We have helped business and government organizations realize significant and measurable predictive value from their data that proved essential to their strategic and tactical decisions.

Navigating Uncertainties

We help clients navigate through their data to have an intimate view on their business and market environment, gain a deeper understanding of their business and their customers

Business Model Innovation

Through iterative cycles of analytics discoveries, we help organizations leverage predictive insights to create new tools, services and products tailored to customers and market needs, desires and aspirations

Monetizing Data

Beyond the space of traditional data, we've been helping clients explore the combined power of both internal corporate data with external data sources to enrich the total value of generated insights

Our Services

Knowledge Building

Through our multi-level training programs, we can reshape analytics knowledge and gain practical data science skills.

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Intelligence Strategy

For companies embarking on analytics, we assess maturity, roadmap analytics and evangelizing a data-driven culture

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Data Governance

We help organization build analytics momentum, qualify data, setup data and analytics governance and test-drive analytics

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Predictive Modeling

Maximizing value from assets brings the need to leverage the power of advanced analytics, AI, machine learning and deep learning.

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  • Phone: +1 844-COGNITRO (+1-844-264-6487)
  • info@cognitro.com
  • 350 Fifth Ave, 59th floor New York, NY 10118 USA - DTEC, Techno Hub 1-D, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are just some of the most common questions we get asked. For anything else, please contact us – we would be delighted to help..

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What is the procedure to partner with your company?

Simply send us your company profile, current market positioning and a detailed proposed partnership model to info@cognitro.com and one of our senior managers will get in touch with you.

What makes you special from others?

We have been in the trenches of AI, machine learning and advanced analytics since 2005 and have come to understand and overcome technical and noon-technical challenges confronting data-driven initiatives and programs.

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